What We Do Different To Others

Workshops - Coaching and Mentoring - Videos - MP3 Audio Podcasts - Manuals - Tests - Assessments

Interactive engaging workshops, ongoing coaching and mentoring, online videos, workbooks, questionnaires and much more............

We work with large, small, national and multinational clients speacilising in staff development. Covering a multitude of topics we deal with but what's more important:

  • We’re not using off the shelf, UK, US or other material and spinning it out here.
  • This is material based on world best practice, developed here, delivered here, and tuned to our market.
  • It’s also material that’s intensely practical. Real, immediately usable, impacts bottom line of course while developing the skills of an individual. We work with CEO’s, start-ups, sales people and middle managers.

Our training topics?  We probably have the widest range of practical usable business skills available no mater your level in business.

  • Leadership and Management - Team Leaders to CEO's
  • Sales and Account Management - External and Internal
  • Customer Services - Front line and Phone
  • Personal, People, Communication and Business Skills

So called, “soft skills” that have immediate effect, and are essentially useful. From Assertion for a Manager, to Negotiating or Presenting in Sales, through to dealing on the phone for Customer Service roles. We do it through experience, practical and useable skills – right through to a host of Microsoft Computer skills at all levels.

So what's the cost?  Or maybe you could say how can a business grow so fast? It’s our quality, it’s our methodology and it’s our pricing. Costs for face to face vary according to topic and meeting schedules but Training on Demand has already built a wide client base predicated on affordable costing with effective feedback and development.

Are we any good? Absolutely, put us to the test. We’ve been in training for years, had multinational management experience, managed big and small start up companies, owned our own, made mistakes and developed people all our business lives.  Our passion is helping Business grow by developing and growing business people.

A few of our clients have asked not to reveal their names because of commercial sensitivity, but a quick review of our website and you’ll see Canterbury Clothing, Sunbeam, Steel and Tube, Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Versatile Homes and Buildings, Metrix, Plumbing World, Cavalier Bremworth, Air New Zealand, Jennian Homes, AA, PGG Wrightson, ABER, Central Joinery, Hansells, Barfoot and Thompson, Fletchers, Hirepool, Masport, Homeguard, Locker Group, Rinnai and there are many others too.

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All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars.