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What our Clients are saying

Following are the references that we have received from a handful of our current clients:

Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Staff Member

I have now completed the advanced Excel modules. I have found the entire course, including basic to intermediate fantastic.

I would be happy to share my positive experience with this learning if anyone is considering doing either of the two courses.

I applied the new knowledge to my own work environment and created first some basic pivot tables and graphs, charts. I was also compelled to try a more complex pivot table. Great course, thank you! 

Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Heather Jones - Group HR Manager

Amazing communication skills development for our Middle Managers.

Online and workshops training.

Euro Corporation, Greg McKenzie - National Sales Manager

Clever idea. Video. Comprehensive workbooks. Quick Tip guides and live follow up when we need it. Training on Demand has found a niche that works.

Fairview Systems Limited, Staff Member

I found the video to be easy to follow. The messages were easy to understand. The module offered good working examples of techniques that you can actually use in the real world and apply to varying situations.

Key points from previous sections in the module where repeated throughout the video, without getting annoying, and I found they did a great job of drilling them into the old noggin.  As stated previously I have done a similar module through another provider and found it to be utterly useless. It was full of common sense statements, and no real working examples that you could apply unless you were already pretty skilled at negotiating.  The Training on Demand course was a country mile ahead, if they are all this professional in regards to content then I would certainly recommend it as a good investment for the company.

Fletcher Reinforcing and Fletcher CSPCoatings, Jonathan White - General Manager

We love the world class, "developed in NZ", training material that Training on Demand delivers. We are seeing skills grow and behaviours develop.

Training on Demand has created practical, useable business skills training that works. I would highly recommend to any business.

FUJIFILM, Peter Bonisch - Sales and Marketing Manager

FUJIFILM have a energetic, active and creative sales force. Training On Demand tailored and delivered energetic workshops that totally engaged our group, had immediate impact and added skills at all levels of experience.

We ran sales, negotiating and persuasive presentation workshops that generated excellent buy in, and boosted confidence all round in a difficult economic climate.

Hirepool, Brendon Ross - Group Training Manager

Hirepool's vision is to become the NZ hire company of choice for customers and employees’ therefor training & development of our 450+ staff is paramount to the success of the business.
Training on Demand’s on-line training system provides our staff and management with the flexibility to fit training courses around their busy work and home lifestyles.

It provides those that want to continuously improve, learn, and gain additional skills and get-ahead-in-life an easily assessable, flexible, practical training system.

HIT, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism Job Site - Russ Thomas - Managing Director

We are a relatively new start up and individual peak performance of our sales team and management is essential.

We are always looking at ways to improve and better service our clients, candidates and staff.  The Training on Demand solution has been essential to our sales growth over the last few months since we introduced the Monday morning sessions.

We would highly recommend this very cost effective, flexible and valuable team resource for assisting to develop staff and of course for accelerating business profitability.

Infotools, Staff Member

I found the video tutorial on Presentation Skills great.

Not too long but enough to cover the key points really clearly!

Jennian Homes, Richard Carver - Owner

People development is a crucial component in providing our customers service that will exceed their expectations.

Training on Demand is assisting Jennian with the support and upskilling needed to do this in a cost effective manner. It is easy to use, easy to implement and is a great training aide.

Locker Group, Lance Bridgford - New Zealand Manager

The tremendous difference that working with Training on Demand has made is evident in the quality of output, and a new willingness of our staff to engage new tasks.

We have a real unity towards continuous improvement and a stronger team spirit after using the training and development which Populus Training on Demand has to offer. Highly recommended.

MAC Valves, Rex Nightingale - General Manager New Zealand

We employ 8 people; Training on Demand is perfect for us: effective, professional, flexible. This innovative training has provided a resource that we have previously, never had the opportunity to use before. Well done Training on Demand.

Norman Ellison Carpets, Warren Drinkwater, General Manager - Sales and Marketing

I, like many business’s, have an experienced, full of life sales team. So when it comes to training, the trainer and workshop, need to provide excellent learning content through an engaging and well controlled session.

Kelly our trainer delivered an excellent session for us, providing practical sales presentation skills for everyone to immediately apply. Not only was it great usable material, it was an excellent, interactive team building session. We will be sure to use the Training On Demand team again for our training workshops.

Plumbing World, Staff Member

Having done "Top Gun" training I was apprehensive as to what to expect. Right from the onset this kept me interested and engaged.

Whilst I always make a point of getting something out of every course, i found it easy to keep interested all day and take a lot from the course.

Plumbing World, Sales Staff

I fell it will give me the ability to connect with customers I wouldn't usually naturally connect with. Excited about doing the follow up training.

Going to try new tactics with closing the sale. This was very beneficial and engaging!!

Steel and Tube Holdings Limited, Mark Winnard - General Manager Distribution

Although we allocate a good budget for training, much is spent on airfares, room hire, hotels etc. Using Training on Demand means we’ve actually increased our training impact multiple times over! without increasing our budget for training at all.

Steel and Tube Holdings Limited, Mark Winnard - General Manager Distribution

We’ve used much American training material as well as European. Training on Demand uses quality training material developed overseas and here, delivered here with NZ emphasis. It’s quick and easy to absorb and has immediate impact.

Versatile Homes and Buildings, New Home Sales Consultant - Caroline

Though I have done many different training courses......

David Forman, Dale Carnegie, Tom Hopkins and others - The Populus training was by far the best because it was immediately usable with effect!

Viking Group, Rod McAneaney - General Manager

We have increased our presentations by 15% across the sales team following an outstanding 2 day presentations workshop.

Increase in ability and confidence has helped contribute to our growth.

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