Training Workshops

Workshop Delivery and Topics

So what's different about us?

You know when you need a trainer who can provide excellent practical business skills learning, at the right level, who can be engaging with your ALL your staff, control the group and make it all fun!

What we do is make our workshops, highly interactive and engaging, combining a variety of teaching, facilitating and presenting so that learning is best retained when applied through practical exercises which relate to your business situations.

That's why we create workshops for each specific need. Practical skills content developed by us and tailored to you.

  • Our clients love us!
  • We are often referred to as 'the best at what we do!'
  • And we do it all wrapped around our underpinning values.

A few of our workshop topics cover:

Management and Leaderships Workshops

Sales - External and Internal

Customer Service - Front line and Phone

  • Customer service fundamentals - Skills, attitude and discipline
  • Telephone skills - General skilled
  • Advanced Customer Service


Success for us, is to tailor and develop our material for your situation, providing the most professional, useful and transferable training.

We will always look to provide help over and above whatever you pay for.

All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars.