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Practical Business Skills Content: Skills and techniques that we can “apply now” to generate greater results, be it in, selling, supervising, networking, presenting, negotiating, leading, asserting, communication or whatever – practical real training that’s instantly applicable.

Developed Locally: Training is developed from World leading and local material, from someone we can relate to, understand, and who knows our market.

Trainers with Real Experience: The team at Training On Demand have held significant business positions themselves and understand 'real life' what I am dealing with. They have the skills, abilities and behaviours to provide amazing development support.

Meaty Training Content: This content has substance! Learning which I understand, has real depth, I can relate to and use to be better in my role!

Easy Access to Training Online: We can access training when it best suits our personal preference, from where ever convenient. This increases learning, giving more bang for our training buck. No need for travel, accommodation! No need for lengthy time off the job!

Extremely Low Cost!: Training on Demand is ridiculously cost effective, highly professional, extremely valuable but very low cost vs old training programmes.

Training Videos are 25 to 40 Minutes in length: With the online training, less time means less impact on our day, but still allowing for a significant amount of learning. (each video content is similar to a half day training seminar). We can even watch them on our IPads / IPhones.

Wide range of Training Topics: We have access to over 60 training modules with more being continually added.  Training which suits all roles and experience.

MP3 audio files make it flexible: Having the MP3 files to download on to phones, play in cars or wherever we are makes training even easier!!

It's like our own in-house trainer running workshops: Our teams are watching the training together in a workshop type situation.

My Team Love It: The videos are professionally filmed, very well presented, the team loves watching them, which has allowed maximum retention of learning. Because of this, they use it!

Comprehensive Workbook and Quick Tip Guides: Each module is accompanied with a full in-depth training manual for each participant to work through. Each video refers to the workbook and prompts the participant to do numerous practical exercises relating the learning to their own work situations. We can downloaded and leave in electronic version, or print for hard reference – depending on personal preference.

Unlimited Access: My team have watched the same training module multiple times to recap. Refreshers are effective.

Training Module Tests: This helps me measure the amount of learning and ensure accountability from those who should be learning.

Certificates of Completion: Recognise staff who complete training, provide them with a certificate which they can add to their CV.

Reporting: We are able to Monitor who has used the training within our oranisation, track their progress and assess their learning.

Managers Support Material: Each topic is accompanied with material which the managers can use to assist the implementation of learning

Ongoing Support: We have access to an 0800 number to call and an email service for advice and help. Some modules prompt the team to contact Training on Demand. If we need more than just the videos, Populus can assist, by running specific workshops or training.

Highly Interactive Workshops: The workshop not only gave me the skills and behaviours to improve, but they also provided me a safe environment to try them out and begin to feel confident.

Helped "hold my hand": Through my mentoring programme, I was able to try new skills and techniques, and then review and refine with the Populus Team. This gave me confidence knowing ongoing support was there, with someone to talk to, learn from and review progress with.

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