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A programme suited to your current needs.

It's not by coincidence the greatest sports people in the world have a coach. To be truly exceptional, it is the joint effort between the sports person and the coach. (Even our youngsters have a coach). So why, and what is the purpose of the coach?

We are all great in certain areas, and can be a little lacking in others. With the support of an experienced coach or mentor (who is not going to teach you to suck eggs!) you have the opportunity to develop further, quicker and in areas you often do not even see the need.

Our mentoring programmes are wrapped around individual needs, its about working on current issues at hand.

Here is one example of a coaching / mentoring situation we have recently conducted:

There is often a difficult transition from taking someone in a specific role (For example - sales person), and giving them charge over others who perform those similar duties. The skills and knowledge required to competently manage others and their own new responsibilities, are often very different from those which were required in previous positions.

Most, do learn slowly on the job, but often by making mistakes on the way.

The best situation, is allowing an individual to learn, on the job, with a mentoring programme / coach wrapped around these ‘key needed’ competencies. With this, they are better charged to manage, firstly themselves, and then those around them. A programme like this would often cover areas such as:

  • Self management including planning Common traps that mess up newer managers.
  • Decision making and goal setting.
  • Business confidence.
  • Communication clarity – at all levels within business.
  • Dealing with difficult situations.
  • Assertion and persuasion.
  • Effective Delegation.
  • Running effective team meetings.
  • The ability to both motivate and discipline the team.

There can be more, but this serves as an outline to begin with. In most mentoring situations, we meet with individuals on a fortnightly basis, working through areas of learning, creating clear goals and expectations to work towards, and continually reviewing progress.

The cost is normally around $2000 - $3000 +gst and would span for 3 or so months, with follow up and practical, on the job application of skills and behaviours learnt.

Contact us to discuss your needs further:

Success for us, is to tailor and develop our material for your situation, providing the most professional, useful and transferable training.

We will always look to provide help over and above whatever you pay for.

All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars.