About Us

Who is POPULUS Training on Demand?

What we do:

Populus Training on Demand works with large, small, national and multinational clients specialising in staff development.

This website covers the multitude of topics we deal with but what’s more important, we’re not using off the shelf, UK, US or other material and spinning it out here. This is material based on world best practice, developed here, delivered here, filmed here and tunes to Kiwis.

It’s also material that’s intensely practical. Real, immediately usable, impacts bottom line of course while developing the skills etc of an individual. We work with CEO’s, start-ups, sales people and middle managers.  We negotiate for both Unions and Management, become deeply involved with successful business bids, coach people who hate presenting into confident speakers.

Training on Demand specialises in soft skills.

  • We work with CEO’s, start-ups, sales people and middle managers
  • We negotiate for both Unions and Management
  • We  become deeply involved with successful business bids
  • We coach people who hate presenting into confident speakers
  • We coach people how to plan, run and speak up at meetings with confidence and persuasion
  • We coach others how to have meaningful impact when presenting – formally or informally
  • We work with businesses when they’re “pitching” for business, how to help get it right
  • We train young (and old) Sales People how to handle difficult people, prickly customers, speed read situations, learn to be more assertive and learn to be more persuasive.
  • We training in Supervision, Customer Services, Management, Personal and People Skills, Business Skills and many other areas of business training.

How we work:

Training on Demand is active with both on line video coaching – which allows our participants to learn when THEY want,  to choose an individual topic,  or to be part of a course,  in their own time if desired or be part of a group.

Its flexible, it’s very cost effective and the way we set it up means it works – with  individual support, NZ examples, tests, workbooks, questions, audio files/pod casts, feedback and more.

We also work face to face – both group workshops and one on one. Some are two day, some one day, others are half day sessions and we are involved with many companies on a regular “slot” half day, planned to a tight schedule over weeks or months.

The choice depends on the topic, individuals, development goals and participants preferences. Costs for face to face vary according to topic and meeting schedules but Training on Demand has already built a wide client base predicated on very affordable costing with effective feedback and development.

Who we work with now:

A few of our clients have asked not to reveal their names because of commercial sensitivity, but a quick  review of our website and you’ll see Canterbury Clothing, Sunbeam, Steel and Tube, Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Air New Zealand, PGG Wrightson, Cavalier Bremworth and Norman Ellison Carpets, Jennian Homes, FujiFilm, ABER, Versatile Homes and Buildings, Hansells, Barfoot and Thompson, Fletchers, Hirepool, Masport, Homeguard, Speedy Signs, Locker Group and Rinnai. There are many others too.

Who “We” are:

We are a training and development, and online assessment business, with a strong foundation from many years of business experience, supported by professional development in our respective fields. The content we have developed has been driven from real life, successful business experience in New Zealand.

Meet The Team:

  • Richard Klein Ovink – Managing Director – Business Trainer
  • Michael Carr – Training Director
  • Rachelle Hansen – Administration Manager – Accounts
  • Kelly Klein Ovink – Business Coach - Mentor and Workshop Trainer
  • Lester Haycock – Motivational Speaker
  • Gary Key – Chairman of the Board

Richard Klein Ovink – Managing Director

Richard created Populus Training on Demand after identifying an opportunity to provide, practical, cost effective training developed in New Zealand with world class best practice content. He has gained in-depth experience in sales, marketing, people management life skills coaching and business training through his various positions throughout his career. 

After beginning his career in Life Skills coaching and Youth Education (working in the social syllabus within New Zealand’s Schooling system), he moved on to business, supporting a number of roles in Sales and Marketing.

Later he became the General Manager for CMS, a Marketing and Promotions company in the New Zealand and Australian Building Industry.

He has had hands on experience in managing staff, customer relationships and delivering and facilitating staff training. 

Richard then moved into working within the Training, Recruitment and Psychometric Testing Industry. He has a natural ability to read and relate to people. Richards training in business soft skills and coaching creates a strong foundation to help deliver relevant and effective practical business skills training. 

His experience and ability in dealing with people at all levels, and his drive to generate better results helps POPULUS in delivering this unique service.

Michael Carr – Professional Trainer and Business Coach

Michael has been involved with coaching and run specific training with Business Leadership, Negotiation, New Business Development, Telephone Skills, Pitching for Business and many more topics for many years at all levels.

Michael has an extensive background in Management, Marketing, Selling, Advertising and Training. After an early career in both Marketing and Advertising, Michael moved to Nestle as brand Manager.

Later with Johnson and Johnson, Michael launched and marketed a range of FMCG brands over many years such as Chux Super Wipes, Reach Toothbrushes and Band-Aid Brand dressings. And several others.

Later as MD of New American Ice cream he helped that company build to nearly a third of the highly competitive ice-cream market before moving back into marketing. He headed teams responsible for the marketing, promotion and strategies of Ford New Zealand, Nestle, New Zealand Post, Kellogg’s, Healtheries and several SME’s.

He became Managing Director of an International Training and Communications company and for the next eight years coached senior business people in New Zealand, Australia UK and Canada in disciplines including negotiating, business-pitching, senior selling and presentation skills.

Now with Populus Training on Demand he is committed to continue in training, Leadership Programmes, One on One coaching and to meet increasing requests for mentoring roles. A strong believer in on-job coaching, Michael works with many clients today who began with him some 10 years ago. He operates throughout New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane working with clients in sales, strategy planning, negotiation, business pitching, workshops and conferences.

He runs several Leadership courses, each “tuned” to specific levels and requirements of clients.

Michaels years of  successful experience in marketing, sales, negotiating and management puts him in a unique position to ensure his coaching and mentoring is intensely practical and bottom line driven.

Mike has presented at numerous Business Conferences.

Mike also works specifically with Sales People of considerable experience to help lead them to the “next level”.

He’s practical, engaging, demanding and always “present” to support any participant as they work towards competent and confident Business Leadership.

Kelly Klein Ovink: Professional Trainer and Business Coach

It’s often said. Those who can inspire others to change are those who will generate change. Kelly has exceptional perception; a personality and openness that draws people and creates an environment which allows our clients to self discover, learn and grow. She has been trained by the best to train and develop others. Very quickly she is being recognized as one of New Zealand’s leading business soft skills trainer.

Her experience and training is drawn from a number of varying positions in and outside of business. Success seems to follow her whatever her position. She’s held positions in sales, marketing, new business development, counseling, leadership, career coaching and training.

Her passion, strength and vulnerability are the recipe to successfully facilitate business workshops, business coaching and individual personal development sessions.

She has a personal drive to continuously improve herself and introduce new learning. Above all, her communication and development skills are real, practical and immediately usable, generating change that grows bottom line.

She works with many of our clients, from Directors through to shop floor workers, from manufacturing and supply to sales and customer service. It’s this diversity to have the ability to effectively engage and develop people at all levels in a wide range of business skills that makes Kelly exceptional and a highly effective trainer.

All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars.