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    People involved with Telephones develop several skills –that’s obvious. But there’s one skill that not all of those involved with “The Telephone” develop well – and it’s critical. That’s the ability to engage whoever they’re talking to very very quickly. Great Telephone sales People really understand the difference in face to face selling, where several skills to “connect” with their listeners are used, vs. The telephone, where skills are limited to just what’s said, and more importantly, how it’s said.

    So – face to face “sellers” have several minutes to connect, and use several behaviours that send several messages. So it’s possible, that with “face to face” connections, even if a mistake is made, other signals can counter so that the connection continues to develop. But it’s not so via the phone, it’s sometimes called, The 10 second test. It’s the approximately 10 seconds we all have to connect, with what we say alone with how we say it, to generate enough rapport, quickly enough so the person we have contacted invites us to stay, talk more and develop . The alternative is a polite, or a rude “No”. Those ten seconds often generate success or failure.

    This module covers rules of a good script, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), script writing, specific phrases, handling different responses, getting the invitation to talk, developing the objective, using and evidence bank, matching and pitching, push backs and more. 

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